IFC Quantity take-off / extract quantities


I want to extract quantities of IFC elements made with Geometry Gym.
It should be simple, but as you can see it doesn’t work

any idea?!

Thanks in advance

00-IFC-Model-Quantity takeoff.gh (41.2 KB)

I’m not so sure it’s simple. Our components permit the generated concepts to be manipulated downstream, so getting accurate net areas and the like would have to be computed at IFC file creation time.

We do provide the ability for users to compute quantities as they require them. Refer to the modification in the attached as an example. Note that areas and volumes should be in metre or feet units.

00-IFC-Model-Quantity takeoff.gh (39.6 KB)

Let me know if this helps or if you have questions.



Thanks Jon,

So as far as I understood it is not possible to extract quantities like volume after an IFC element is created, right?!

I mean to have something like this screenshot:

The ggIFC plugin doesn’t automatically calculate quantities.
But you can get the geometry and determine them from that, and assign them into the resultant IFC to export.