Extracting geometry from ifc

Hi - what’s the method to extract specific geometry from an IFC file, or is it at all possible currently?

I’ve run into situations like this several times, but haven’t yet figured out how to do it -
for example, right now I a set of beams with openings in them. The openings are defined as IfcExtrudedAreaSolids that are boolean cut out of the beam - but is there a way to extract the IfcExtrudedAreaSolids? (I have use for the opening volume solids, not the beams themselves…)

Hi Pekka,

Would it be possible for you to share the file you are explaining so we can advise the most appropriate solution? You can share here or send to support@geometrygym.com.


Sure, here’s a beam with holes. This is from a model we’ve been provided, and getting the hole geometry out for other users would be of great interest.
There’s probably a way to solve this in the native Revit model with Dynamo, but that’s my second option - mining things from IFC is an interest of mine right now :wink:

Beam_with_booleanholes_an.zip (4.7 KB)

Hi Pekka,

Attached is an example script on how you can extract the void geometry from the IFC Beam. You will just need to re-reference your file into the script.

Hopefully this answers your query.

Please do keep asking questions if you have any.

190225 Extract Void Geometry.gh (7.89 KB)