Extracting ifcsiunits from read ifc file

I am extracting information from IFC files using ggIfc.
I would like to get the ifcSIUnit classes.
I cannot extract these classes using the ggIfc Extract or the ggIfc Find Entity functions.
Examining the ifc file in text view I see they do exist.


Thanks for the question. You need to be a bit careful with this, as you also need the context of the unit.
Units can be referenced by properties, derived units and another concepts. So if you wish to determine the basis units for the data in the model, you should decompose from the context (IfcProject). I’ve attached a script that demonstrates this. We haven’t provided decompose components for many concepts yet, so I’m using a c# component. We can look at adding more decompose components in the next build.

Let me know if this makes sense or not.



210610 extract units.gh (13.4 KB)

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Thanks Jon, this works well.