IFC and Revit Parameters as "Material Filter" for Element Geometry

Hi All - Not 100% sure if anyone has ran into similar issues.

I am currently using RhinoInside as a translator between contractor Revit and IFC Models to consolidate and conduct a Whole Life Carbon Assessment for one of our projects.

Each individual element has “Type Parameters” that can be extracted to use as Layers as well as instance “Material and Finishes” Parameters that can be used to manipulate/categorise the various components.

See screenshots below:

It’s easy to extract the “Type Parameters” whilst using the “Inspect Element” Component under the GH Revit Type, but it is not super straight forward when using the “Element Materials” Component.

When using the “Element Geometry” Component, RiR returns all of the associated breps - whilst the “Element Materials” Component seem to return a consolidated set of materials associated with the revit element geometries and its dependants. Is that a correct assumption?

Is there then a functionality where we can “filter” the element geometry according to their assigned Revit material geometry? Similar to say a category/Material Filter for breps contained in every element?

The desired outcome would be to have distinct “material” layers containing all the relevant geometries within the Rhino File. This would then make the final volume/mass calculations easier for the Whole Life Carbon Assessment. I have also tried using the “Element Material Quantities” Component, but have not been successful - either due to material thresholds or an internal error.

Any thoughts?


It going to depend a lot on the quality and type of elements you are working with.

If you zoom into the Element Geometry component you add + the category output of each sub element/subcategories to filter by.