'If-like' behaviour for GhPlayer inputs


I am working on a GhPlayer file where i’m asking the user to input the length, width and height of a plate. I then ask the user if they want perforations in this plate. When the answer is ‘yes’ (or true for that matter) then they should answer questions about these perforations (pitch, slots or circles, diameter/width, etc.).

I have tried using a stream filter to select a certain path, but GhPlayer always asks every input. Is there a way to block the asking of an input if it is irrelevant because of an earlier question?

Many thanks!

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hi @l.nijkamp that makes sense. I added RH-77335 Conditional input for grasshopper player

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Thank you! I expect that this will end up at the bottom of the ‘To-Do’ list. Do you have any workarounds for the time being?

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Convert your code into a (python) script? Based on your description that should not be too difficult