Grasshopper Player issue

im trying to make a simple logic,but when i run grasshopper player its not giving the same result that i want
i need to select first geo then select second geo , then select a point on geo1 border , again with geo 2 border , the result will be a pipe between this two points and cut inside objects .

please take a look to the file . where is the mistake ?

Ghplayer issue.3dm (1.3 MB)
GHPlayer (33.8 KB)

I get the desired result if i bake your internalized Breps.

The two green blocks in the file would need to be exploded first to their polysurfaces to be able to be selected.

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Exactly , if i explode the block .

but is there any other way to get it without exploding the block !! ??

Hi -

I don’t have Pufferfish installed here and perhaps that has something to do with it, but I’m not sure what is not working on your end when you run this using the player as opposed to running it “in Grasshopper”.
Exploding the Brep before using the native offset component seems to work, also when run through the player…


Hi ! ,
i don’t know if Pufferfish has something to make it work without exploding the block , maybe @Michael_Pryor can help us here ,
@HS_Kim also we need your help here please .

I don’t do anything with blocks.

Pufferfish is using same Rhinocommon as native just gives access to more options so I don’t think it’s a issue.

Thanks for chiming in, Michael -

Yes, I just wasn’t sure if that offset component worked on a polysurface and if that then made a difference somehow.

That illustrates part of the issue with this thread. There is no block involved at all. The terms that are being used to describe the issue are not in line with “Rhino-speak” and I still don’t know what is being reported here…

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