Ies inside rhino (cycles)

hi all,
it’s possible in some way use the IES lights distribution profile in rhino rendering (cycles)?

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Maybe @andy or @nathanletwory know about this

This has not been hooked up yet.

Logged feature request: RH-58525

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We don’t have plans to introduce IES lights in Rhino 7.

ok, thanks

Hello, is there any chance that something close comes to it, IES are so crucial for renders like Enscape, or if cycles has any ambition for architecture, really missing those out in our practice projects…thanks

Hi - I’m not sure if this is a question, and if so, what it is…
As was stated in this thread, support for IES texture files is on the wish list but won’t be a feature in Rhino 7.

many disappointed, cycle is support, but they can’t make on rhino 7

Sorry it was a question, thanks for answering, it seems counter intuitive to introduce pbr materials ( which is great) if the lighting stays the same, we are an architecture practice and have been struggling with this for years. Every other software is proposing it, even some free ones, would this be potentially supported after R7 in future updates?


In v7 lights have fall-off, compared to no fall-off at all in v6 and earlier.