Idea to make shapediver load faster between small set of steps?

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This idea has been floating around in my head for few months now. If the model has no more than lets say 50-100 different possible outcomes with in it’s varied inputs, could we potentially store the pre-calculated outcomes on the server? I imagine this would drastically reduce load times if all the data is downloaded at the same time.


Jonas Blazinskas

That is of course possible, either manually or by using scripts to precompute solutions (for example using the model view API).

Keep in mind that credits will be counted according to the time spent precomputing, so I advise you start precomputing solutions only once your models are final, otherwise you’ll end up running precomputations multiple times.

Please also note that even after solutions are precomputed, the solutions still need to be downloaded from our servers when parameters change. Therefore the size of the output geometry in your definition will be the main factor influencing speed. Read more about this topic here.

I read this blog and it sound very interesting, however, I haven’t figure out where is the script for precomputing solutions. Can you send some tutorial how to use it?
Beckend access for exporting manufacturing drawings in the bacground also sound very cool- if you can send also some example/tutoria how to deal with, it would be great!

You also mentioned that credits will be counted for precomputing process. If I have 2 sliders one with 100 steps and another with 50 steps, does it mean that precompute will be 5000 credits ?