UI themes possible in Rhino 6?

As I’ve mentioned before, I try to make my software packages as similar as possible. The commands attached to keyboard shortcuts/aliases, similar icons/icon location, etc. I wish I could make all the UIs similar too. I’m aware of the “Color” options the Appearance category of the Settings. However, I was hoping for a dark Theme option like I have in AC. I’ve found discussions and an old theme plugin for RH5 from 2013. Anyone know if such an old plugin would work with RH6. Any other options?

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Not exactly what you’re looking for but here you can change the colors. I like dark themes as well, and all my software (which can) are switched to dark themes

You can export/import these options and transfer them between installations and machines.

would you mind posting a screenshot and maybe the config? i’m interested in seeing it.

Thanks. However, I’m not sure what all the options are so not sure which I should change. Perhaps there is a list of the UI-centric options?

I didn’t spent much time on changing the colors, I just didn’t want to totally kill my eyes with the default ones.

IMPORTANT: Be warned this config will remap some of your aliases! Make sure you clean it a bit or take only what you need.

zooidRhino6Options.ini (136.5 KB)

There is a search bar top-right of the Advanced section. Use it as much as possible. Yes many of the options there are not clear enough, but with some trial and error you’ll make it work.

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One thing is preventing having a good dark theme and that is the icons, they are hard-coded and there’s a lot of black on them. If the black color on them was transparent or connected to a RGB then it would’ve been able to create really good themes.

I saw somewhere someone posted a screenshot, the UI was so highly customized, the only way he could’ve been able to do it is if he had replaced each and every icon through resourceHacker or something similar.

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FYI… https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/rhinocommon/creating-a-skin/




If it is possible then perhaps a tab in the options should be added. I don’t maybe something for the wish list. A simpler skin designer without .net programming could also be a better thing.

The panel is always white. There is no way to make it dark.

Perhaps what @pascal shared above can change that as well. I’m not familiar with it and don’t have the time. It is upto you.

Hopefully, McNeel could create SkinManager or SkinBuilder or whatever in Rhino7.x

To make the panel a different color you have to change some values in the registry - but that will make it the same color across the entire desktop that use that (MFC) control.

So I’ve now got my work computer set up the way I like. I’d like to doe the same on my home machine. Will transferring the RUI also carry over the color changes?

There’s no consolidated way.
Here’s a link to the details that are involved:

Heres a link to a plug in that changes the colors

Just drag and drop it and open the tool bar