IDE tool for plugin development in mac for rhino

Hi guys,

I want to move my plugins to mac from windows. I am new to mac. Could anyone please tell me which IDE tool I should use?


Visual studio is recommended

thank you.

They might have to update that guide soon:
Visual Studio for Mac Retirement Announcement - Visual Studio Blog (

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I am quite partial to Rider or VS Code myself!

thank you, guys.
All my plugins for Rhino are developed based on c++, with boost libs. Does Rhino has c++ SDK for rhino in mac?

I wonder whether it is possible to move my plugin from Rhino in Windows to Mac as all my codes are c++.

Thank you help.


We don’t have a c++ SDK for Mac.

Looks like it is not possible to port the plugin developed based on Rhino SDK.

Hi Steve Baer,

Thank you for your reply.


Their SDK doesn’t target Mac.

Depending on what you want to do, you may be able to port to Mac anyway.

My plan is to use C# and .NET Core to interface directly with Rhino via Rhino Common and passing data to C++ code using
Native interoperability - .NET | Microsoft Learn

HI Nathan Bossett,

How do you solve the problem when your codes need OpenNurbs? The OpenNurbs lib is under the C:\Program Files\Rhino 7 SDK.The OpenNurbs lib must have the geom functions provided by Rhino. If your c++ doesn’t use OpenNurbs functions, then it should be ok.


I do not, so far, use nurbs functions not available through RhinoCommon calls. You can drill down pretty far from the RhinoObject into the opennurbs objects, for example a RhinoObject which happens to be an arc from the RhinoObject down into a curve all the way to an arc.

I don’t have a Mac running Rhino, so I can’t check to see if there’s an opennurbs.dll equivalent there from McNeel that you could call to build up a pure opennurbs copy of the data you need t manipulate or if they built it as a static library on that platform. You’re free to compile your own, anyway.

So long as you’re processing Rhino data rather than trying to build really tightly into the UI of the Rhino app, which I would guess is the case if you’re the rep for the “Smart Unroll” plugin, it seems doable to me.

It turns out that Dale has provided a cross platform native code example:
dalefugier/SampleNativeLibrary: RhinoCommon cross-platform native library sample (

(just a simple arithmetic example, not direct nurbs)