Icons on menus

Is there a way to display icons in Rhino7 menus?

Think UX.

for menus i think it is not possible.

if you use toolbars → yes.
see this topic

Ok thank you,

It’s a shame, I’m very visual. I would have liked an iconic correspondence between menus and toolbars.

I find the menus well organized while the toolbars, I get lost.

toolbars and menus are organised in a similar way.
For example there is a Arc-Toolbar and a Rectangle-Toolbar , corresponding to Menu → Curves → Arc / Circle

and as in the end, everything is a command - wether you call it via menu, toolbar or direct typing in the command line.

my approach: everything that is available with one click from the toolbars i use from the toolbar, everything else i type in the command-line.

many users set up a lot of alias - for example you can define CPPP to circle by 3 Points as Alias… ( i am not a big fan of Alias)

and of course you can organize / customize toolbars how ever you like.I recommand this for visual people, that use a small subset for very specific workflows and very often…(does not make sense to spent half a day in setting up toolbars an only use them once per year …)

Thank you,

Yes, for Rhino 6 I have configured all toolbars and shortcuts. It had taken several days.
And I am starting again today for Rhino7.

In fact, I (like everyone else) use toolbars.
But there are some commands that I don’t use often and wanted to leave them only in the menus in order to “clean up” the toolbars.

It is not possible to display the icons in the menus, tampis.

However with an icon I know exactly what command it is. But with a list like:

  • Center, Start, Angle
  • Start, End, Direction
  • Start, End, Point

  • I spend a lot more time looking.

but the command is the same - the menu / or tools only preselect certain options:
so another approach is just to use plain commands
and then check the available options step by step…
same for rectangle and box…

Ok thank you @Tom_P .

The interface of Rhino7 does not change (and it may be a shame), I should resume my habits.