I3 12100f or i7 8700k is better to rhino?

hello everyone, i have a question upon wich processor would be better to run rhino, i3 12100f or i7 8700k. I don’t really know, because, although 1200f is more recent it has less cores than my old i7 8700k.

can anyone help me with this, please?


The i3 has a better single core performance (around 15-30%). In Rhino, this is more important than multicore performance. It’s also a newer chip, which also comes with some benefits. Better thermal and energy characteristics. More instruction sets (AVX2+, which Rhino probably doesn’t use anyway). Is it worth the upgrade? Probably not. But if I would need to either pick from A or B
(if its the same price), I would go for the i3…

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CAD software, like Rhino, uses mostly one CPU-kernel, so take a look here for Intel/AMD comparisons:

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