Reordering Points


I have a series of circles which I created using a rectangular grid, with circles at the centres and used Select Boundary to isolate the one in the wedge shape. There are 266 of them. I then created a rectangle and divided it up to create 266 points. I then wanted to connect each point with a line so that it creates a line of cables from the wedge shape to the rectangle. E.g. The top let in both would connect together and so on. As it stands the lines cross over because the ordering is wrong. Is there a way to reorder or should I recreate the wedge shape points to try and match the ordering of the points in the rectangle?

Rhino File: Point Order.3dm (184.1 KB)

Grasshopper File: Point (16.3 KB)

Thanks for any help.

How were the circles created? The way there are like now is a mess sorting this out. But if you have the def where you create them , or if you are willing to re-gennerate them this will be a lot easier.

Hi @daniel.j.thompson29, you should find a way to map the points on the rectangle to the points in the other shape. There are different ways to do it and it depends on what you are looking for. Below a version to avoid crossing lines, but i think it will not work for all cases.
Hope it will help you

Point (22.4 KB)

Point (15.4 KB)