BoxEdit still bad


I think I lost count of problems listed with BoxEdit over time, one thing gets fixed only for other to get worse…

Here is the latest one, actually two:

  1. Minor: (try with as many objects as possible, 100 boxes?), run BoxEdit, make sure “Show BoundingBox” is checked; close and run again with the objects preselected.
    Rhino blinks and redraws the bounding boxes a lot of times while frozen.

  2. Major - see the clip below - after accepting the transform, the objects make a weird dance and Rhino freezes for a while… Is it just a matter of forgetting to turn off redraw?

I said it before and will say it again - this could be one of the most useful tools in Rhino, instead we have been dealing with one of the most annoying and non reliable one. Please give it some love and thorough testing.

This is Version 7 SR8
(7.8.21155.19001, 2021-06-04)



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Second that!!
Since Rhino 4 the rock solid Rhino we all know and love is no more! I noticed the same with other software when they start developing for additional platforms (Macs, Linux, etc.) - BricsCAD for instance.

You can notice new BoxEdit icon in WiP :sweat_smile:

Boxedit is a big part of my workflow, so it is frustrating when it slows me down. My pet peeve at the moment is the horrendously slow redraw of multiple items. If I select an assembly and use move, say, the whole assembly is redrawn in a new location instantly. If I select the assembly and set a new position in boxedit then each part is redrawn individually, one after another, very slowly.

Why handle it differently from move?


This is a different issue, based on one of my old reports. Still not resolved, btw.
(with many objects, even starting to type the transform number freezes for a long time instead of letting me complete the number, like 120, it freezes after typing 1…
This is just getting worse. I think V5 was the last time things worked semi-normal. Now I have to rely on custom scripts that pretty much do the same thing since BoxEdit is just trouble.

BoxEdit is only halfway there. Hard to understand in a CAD application where it’s often about numbers and precision.