I really need help capping off this wing

Its attached. So anything like tapering the wing in, I can easily change in CageEdit. but I am, having a hard time making the winglets look smooth. They look chopped off at the tips and I tried so many different methods for rounding these tips.
WingHelp.3dm (2.8 MB)

if you clean the surfaces a bit and trim the corners, you can use a BlendSrf to join both main surfaces

How do you clean the surfaces? All I can think of it exploding and rebuilding, which rebuilds different sized surfaces the same amounts and makes everything worse.

I removed most of the knots manually. the surfaces doesn’t need that amount of points. Is ok to use CageEdit to make some adjustments but after that is aways good rebuild or remodel each surface. Doing it manually I can keep the non uniform distribution of the controlpoints.

Hello - I’d say the clean way to build this is in at least three stages -

Vertical winglet
Transition between the two.
Then worry about capping

This way, the wing and winglet can be made as simple, clean, accurate surfaces that can then sit there unaffected by the construction of the transition surface(s)

Something like the attached - I’m not sure what shapes you have in mind exactly but the construction something like this.

WingHelp_MAYBE.3dm (165.9 KB)


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Thank you!

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looks nice but the background doesn’t help to show the shape.

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