I need help fixing this winglet geometry

Help.3dm (1.1 MB)

So I created this winglet using Sweep2, but its not good geometry and the top wont FilletEdge well. It’s sort of close, but I had to build it with so many subdivides and the geometry is a mess and renders poorly. How can I fix this?

I can easily taper the edges in using CageEdit, so that isn’t an issue.

Thanks guys!

Which curves did you use as the rails in Sweep2?
Which curve(s) did you use as the section(s) in Sweep2?

I was able to create a surface using Sweep1 with the open curve as the rail and the closed curves as the sections. However the surface was much simplier than the surface in your file.

Is the surface in your .3dm file the result of Sweep2, or has it been modified?

Question not directly related to Rhino: Why is one of the end sections an oval and not an airfoil section? An oval section would create significant aerodynamic problems. Also airfoil sections usually do not have rounded trailing edges. The trailing edge of an airfoil is usually sharp or cut off squarely.

Wing.3dm (1.3 MB)

I think I got it. The previous version was Sweep2+CageEdit. Now I did Sweep2 while it was flat and then Flow to bend it 90 degrees. But are you saying that even the tip of the winglet needs to be airfoil shaped? I am trying to get it sharp/rounded. Its just for a competition, so it wont fly… yet.

(The winglet in the file is the updated version, not the image.)

This is how handle wing tips.


Im not following so much.