I Pine for the Close command

I wish there was a “close” command for files… or a faster way to open files whilst keeping Rhino open. I have Rhino loaded up with different toolbars and a couple of renderers and when I open a new file it can take “some time”. It feels like I am constantly launching the program.


The command is “Open” (or “New” if you want a blank file)… If you have saved the current file it will simply close it and open a new one in the same window. If you have not saved, it will prompt you to save. QED. --Mitch

Please add a close command. In the real world it’s handy.

The new command does work very well, i am just so used to Close.

There’s always aliases -

“Close” for _New


doesn’t windows have a system standard close shortcut? like cmmd W on mac? (⌘N for new… ⌘O for open… ⌘S for save… etc)

With Mitch’s answer and the fact that there can be only one file open at the same time in mind, what would be the possible use of a “close” command?

That’s Alt+F4. It will unload the whole application.

that would be ⌘Q (quit) on mac.
idk, i don’t know much about windows… i’ll stay out of the topic :wink:

As Rhino is a single document application (at the moment), the Close operation (for which Ctrl+W is the Windows default I think) does not really make sense. It’s not like Word where you can have multiple documents open and close one of them while the other stay open.

Of course, Rhinoceros for Mac does have multi-doc support. Do I remember correctly that this will come to V6 on Windows? In that case it will start to make sense to be able to close a document while the application stays open.

Otherwise, maybe just bind Ctrl+W to the _-New command using the keyboard shortcuts - it will behave as you expect.

I sincerely hope NOT. Unless you can also have New, Import, etc. open in the SAME window as before and not a new window. Otherwise running batch scripts under that system is virtually impossible (as MacRhino is currently).


I’m probably mistaken - I thought that was mentioned during the V6 presentation in Barcelona last month. Probably some wires were incorrectly connected in my head somewhere :blush: