I need a way to "store" favourite threads for future reference

Hi, in this world of fast flowing information I need a way to store and organize threads.

In my mind it would be great to store them in topics, either the default topics or in personal ones.

Let’s say I make a topic called “Great tutorials” and then I can store threads from different categories in there.
And quickly locate them and remove them later on. With the ability to organize based on date or initial poster.



I agree that the current Discourse bookmark system could benefit greatly from some more organizational functionality.


I agree too.

Having closed Grasshopper NING, even more threads are constantly appearing here, and they are soon out of sight.
Trying to see the interesting ones, to remember them and to find them later is difficult IMO.

Is bookmarking single post actually possible? Sometimes the thread goes on and on and there’s only a single super-important post in the middle of the thread…


Have you tried it? How do you go back to the post? For me it seems to bookmark only the whole thread and when I get in, I find only the button “Clear Bookmarks”.

Yes. I go to my list of bookmarks and if I bookmarked a post it brings me to that post in the thread.

I really like this discussion, I feel that there are 2 opposing forces at work here you need to reconcile

  1. The “us” force, make it easier for everyone to find cool things and get back to them

  2. The “me” force, make it easier for me to maintain a private catalog

For (1) I would strongly recommend tagging, come up with a few great tags and just be diligent about tagging the topics.

For (2) it is somewhat tricky, you have 2 options here that make sense

  1. Use bookmarks g b will take you to them so the workflow is quite good, but you can not tag bookmarks

  2. Use a PM to yourself or a series of them to catalog the interesting conversation (this actually works, try it)

I would recommend though focusing on the “us” force here first.

As far as I can tell, one can only tag a topic which one has originated so that type of system depends on others to adhere to a fairly strict protocol - therefore IMO it will be highly unreliable.

This will also be somewhat unwieldy if there are a large number of topics…

The “us” force will either come through a collective organization - which we know won’t work, or through someone (likely from McNeel) actually assigned to cataloging and tagging posts/topics, and nobody has time to do that…

I would think the “me” force is just as important as the “us” force, this forum has thousands of individuals each with different informational needs; it’s a lot easier for the individual user to customize their experience as they need than to try to develop an all-encompassing system that “works” for everyone - which it will not (IMO)…


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There’s also the question of the general designed-in capabilities of Discourse versus the specific McNeel customizations: something I’ve never understood, or even known whether there are such customizations.

To handle this problem individual posts could be used as a “entry point” for interesting threads/bookmarks. Since each post have a unique identifier this shouldn’t be a problem:

// Rolf

I use these forum posts regularly in my course research. The process I use is to copy and paste it into a note-taking app, like Evernote. I can then tag it, create folder(s) if needed, and organize them.

Evernote will even copy an entire page and re-format it into a clean, ad-free article, complete with images. It’s then yours forever.

I used to use bookmarks a lot more, but I would find that many pages just poof disappeared!