Filter- threads you've posted in

it’d be nice if the Categories filter had a ‘your threads’ (or whatever) option and then we’d only see the topics we’ve posted in.

(not individual posts we’ve made… rather- the thread itself)

Well actually … we have a “posted” tab that can be enabled by @stevebaer . Eg:


As happens with a lot of our features we don’t actively use, it got a bit broken, however a fix is in the pipeline

cc @discourse

oh… yeah, that works exactly how i was thinking… i’ll just use it via bookmark for now… on the web page somewhere would be even better (as long as i’m not the only person who would use such feature :wink: )

I don’t want to fill up the page with a bunch of buttons. I’m wondering if anyone uses the “Top” button or if I should swap that out for the “posted” button.

yeah… nobody uses the Top button… go ahead and swap it out

(joking- i have no idea who uses what :slight_smile: )

All new users get the /top page by default so they can see a summary of ‘greatest hits’.

I’d just let people get to Posted by the URL for now.

yeah, that works… just knowing it’s available via URL is fine by me.

[edit- or- maybe a link to the /posted url could be somewhere else which would cause less clutter… like via the avatar where there’s an activity link -or- within the activity page?]

i don’t know- it’s really no big deal anymore-- i just put a bookmark in a dropdown under my Discourse bookmark and that syncs automatically to my other computers/devices… so even if you guys put the link elsewhere, i’d probably still just use the setup i have now…

and since i’m the only user chiming in on the subject- let’s squash it :wink: