I have a question about Biomorpher,

I have a question about Biomorpher,
did Arturo baked all models one by one or did he might use a recorder you think?

I guess it depends how much memory his computer had and how complex the models are. Using a recorder usually works fine, however you don’t want to record everything with a large population.
You can also run your evolution, then use the Biomorpher Reader component with the recorder which only shows the 12 clusters. There’s something in the user manual with regards how to do that.

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How to ‘output’ from this Biomorpher Reader component?
It does not has an output. I think I have the latest version.

The reader just changes the sliders, so you’d still have to hook a recorder up to any geometry. This would probably be the same things you originally inputted into the Biomorpher Component.
Then you can just step through the designs one by one (using animate slider for example). As you have to load the parameter states each time, it kind of has to be done this way.

Of course we could have written Biomorpher so that it stores all the geometry from every generation and then spits it out, although this would get pretty memory intensive for large populations and many generations. Perhaps in future we could output the 12 cluster centroids for the current population so you don’t need to use a recorder to step through 12, but can’t do that yet unfortunately.

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