Biomorpher - Stop Solver

@johnharding - thank you very much for Biomorpher - it is exactly the tools I need in my work!
There is any “stop solver” option like in Galapagos? I will need one as sometimes the process it is too long!
Then, it will be very practical to me if in the design tab I will be able to see also the range of the performance values because next to the visual analysis it is important information for making a decision (for example I want to choose a design as a function of aesthetics and stiffness or porosity or other mechanical characteristic of that design evaluated by the performance function)
Thank you again for your valuable work -I’m following its development!

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Hello, I would love to help but I simply don’t have the time to work on Biomorpher at the moment. You can set the number of iterations, but indeed a stop solver would be useful. I believe you can already see the performance values in the design tab, but let me know what you mean and I’ll put it on my todo list. Like I say, it won’t be until the summer though unfortunately (just being honest!). Thanks, John.

Thank you for your reply!
I can see the performance value only for the representative design for the other we can see a bigger or smaller circle. If I want to select performance in a range of values and not as a function of maximum it will be harder without a value. For example I would like for a gyroid design to have ‘porosity’ as a performance criterion with values between let’s say 20-30 while the maximum is 50. Having the range of values written for each cluster instead of that circle I believe will be much more useful!
Waiting for that stop function I want to thank you for your Biomorpher!