I have a dream that have much money


More torque to the wheels, less angular velocity, less peripheral speed, greater losses due to the complexity of power transmission.

There is some work to do but in general it is feasible. Dream big!

I actually am interested in this kind of engineering projects. It looks not really complicated, and it is possible to make into life. Usually, I like to make it by myself, all drawings, to construct step by step. It’s take a lot of time, but I like my work, I live by it.
Once I did a very interesting prototype of mechanism, constructed it and let it go selling. My goal was to find buyer and interest, just after it, I can construct it in large scale. Fortune was on my side and my first customer was a young businessman, which ordered 1000 in these mechanisms. I made my own business, and now I try to help people, who want to realize their interesting ideas.