Laptop recommendation, Rhino for Architecture

Hello fellow Rhino users. I have just recently started using Rhino (autocad, revit and max previously) and so far I only used it on my desktop with the following specs:
GTX 970
SSD for OS and HDD for data;

and it works flawlessy,

I will be traveling to China soon and I need to get a decent laptop for myself so I can get my stuff done while traveling. I have done some research about hardware priority which is CPU, RAM, GPU in that order. There is an option for me to get HP Zbook G3 15 with:

Quadro M1000M 4GB model
HP Z Turbo drive 512GB.

I’m not sure how good or bad this quadro gpu is since I have never used one. I know that it shared maxwell architecture with gtx 970 but the core count is less than 1/3 of that of gtx 970. The kind of modeling I’m working on is conceptual design of high rise towers and such, contexts of 5-10 km2… Do you think that this gpu is able to handle that with no problems? If not, please do make a recommendation of a hardware sufficient for such work. Thanks in advance.