I can’t pan or zoom all of a sudden

Hi I my rhino just stopped panning and zooming and pretty much is stuck on whatever angle I was viewing it last. Please help

Can you use the command _zoom

Hi -

It sounds a bit like you need a new mouse.
If not, we’ll need a lot more details of what’s happening on your system.

So…yeah either your mouse is physically dead or maybe you accidentally activated some Windows accessibility feature or something that has changed the mouse behaviour?

it might be that some surrounding geometry is getting in the way during rotating of the viewport even it is not visible because rhino clips close objects away at some points, it is pretty nerve wracking to get out of that deadlock you have to select some object and use zoom_select.

maybe its just a mac bug but i certainly can relate to that issue.

Hi I my rhino7 in MAC just stopped panning and zooming in the perspective mood but works in different views I was viewing it last. Please help.

did you try cmd a and zoom select? or maybe zoom all or whatever? would be good if you could share the file at that exact position to let developer have a look at these situations.

Here it is.

Chapter 03-02.3dm (2.71 MB)

That’s a case of the camera getting too close to its target point. Any operation that resets the camera fixes it.

thank you. Zoom Extent Command solved the problem.

that is not correct i believe, if you get too close to the target you can still pan and rotate, zooming will be then of course slowed to imperceivable amounts. i assume its when you have an object getting somehow in the path of the camera where it stops navigating completely. happens to me frequently, usually then when i absolutely have no time to find out why :frowning:

I have a hot key set for zoom selected, and anytime this happens I ctrl+a to select all then hit my hot key to zoo selected. I’m back in biz with two clicks.