I can modeling mechanical

hi i can model mechanical like jet engine

e in rihno


sure! Basically as a Nurbs-Modelling software Rhino is 100% capable in creating any mechanical objects. The question is just is it a good choice for doing these parts?! I would say it depends. If you want to actually build such engine (which is very unlikely), you probably should pick another software. Since this engine consist of many parts, a plm software is more suited here. Not to mention a potential lack of special functional or analytic capabilities.
For any other, more hobby related, Rhino is fine. Maybe even a polygon modelling software is sufficient, if its “just” for imagery.

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Like Tom sayed, yes it is possible. The question is, for is the model needed? For production? Than I would use a parametric software. For design and visualization? Than Rhino should be fine.


– Dale

hi guys i am sorry to tale you i am new to rhino i want for build jet engine real and can re edit history like fusion 360 like extrude loft etc.
and same time use for game

and for dimension re edit for some parts

Reedit dimensions? I would look for a parametric CAD software. At Rhino it can be done per enabled history, but it’s quite limited and not so comfortable.

it always comes down to discussing different paradigms. Rhino is fully capable of modeling such complex parts in precision but also in workflow. you have a semi parametric option in rhino as @Micha said which is called history in which curves can be mirrored, copied, lofted and later reedited, its not much but then for more advanced parametric workflow you can also facilitate grasshopper. its just a question of organizing your model well and understanding the workflow.

if you are trying to engineer the structure you may need a little help with plugins also grasshopper has some plugins as far as i have seen which are heading into this direction. or combine it with other software, but structurally modeling it is absolutely possible.

I won’t disagree, but I don’t agree on this specific statement. “Parametric” & “Grasshopper” is not the same as “Parametric” and “Catia/Creo/Solidworks…”.
Its a completely different way of working. Unless Grasshopper/Rhinocommon does not fully reflect Rhino commands, it will be impossible to create a final products in Grasshopper only. In real world, building complex parametric models in Grasshopper is like trying to compete in formula 1 races with bulldozers. Bulldozers are very useful, just not for speed racing.

just pick the tool you are most familiar with. In games, polycount matters and you’ll need different level-of-detail models.Building it in a polygon modeller might be the better choice.

hi guys what i want reedit like fusion 360 because if i save the project and reopen in some software history will gone in fusion 360 the history save and reopen history will save in project i can reedit any time

and i want use a nurbs software i know maya modo polygon software modo must powerful and unique in polygons but what i say earlier i want nurbs

hi guys rhino fast as moi3d