I am trying to like it... and it grows, on it's own and on me


Edit: I see that there are topics on this, where Brian is working on a crome “hack” that allready deals with multiple of these points. So the future is looking brighter! I just had to add that. I’ll leave the rest of this post as it was.

I am trying really hard to like this, but it is like going on a vacation with your parents when you want to go with your friends… It beats not going to school, but not by that much…

I don’t care about the underlying technology, if it is NNTP, HTTP, PHP, Ajax or hex coded in MsDos. Neither do I care that much if it is an free roaming application or a web site. But I do care if it is efficient and if it makes me feel good.

So here is what I miss from the NG:
The effective and anonymous look. It feels professional while Discourse feels like leisure. So I feel ashamed when I go online during work hours to post a potentially time saving question. Here there are colors, stars, icons, hearts, numbers and blue, flowery text makes it “fun and all play”… and that doesn’t suit me. I like information to be to the point, with out wasting space. Just like Rhino. Narrow toolbars with small icons so that what matters get’s the space it needs.

This might come across as a negative attitude, but it isn’t. There are reasons for why I loved being on the old NG, and why that stood as a benchmark for all other forums I have ever been on. It just outclassed them, for me. I understand that things need to change and I salute that. I do wish though that some of the tings that made the old NG what it was will eventually influence this Discourse forum, so this will surpass the old. That will not happen because we bend, but because we all bend this and by that bend with it.

I wish it was possible to remove all the icons for participants. And get rid of the candy colored Categories. I can read. So I would prefer it black on white. I would like to see the ability to click on Category to edit what is visible, or at least sort by category too. The gravatars annoy me a lot, and I am not willing to go to wordpress to alter it. I don’t want to be traced around the internet with my mail account, I get enough junk email as it is…

I find the dual view really old fashioned, it’s like working in an HTML editor. Probably ok for coders, but not for designers, we like WYSIWYG for a reason. And the “hide option” doesn’t make sense, if it didn’t make the type window twice as wide then it would be ok, but that width is not ergonomic to read or type in.

I hope this mature very soon. In the world of “CSS” it is not difficult to add 20 styles we can choose from, or adding a lot of settings for the user to tweak. That is the beauty of having accounts, these settings can follow the user.

Good luck on the future development, there are not big changes that needs to be done, but there are vital ones, IMHO.
And remember, I would not post this, here, if I didn’t love you guys!



I have to confess that was exactly my first reaction too. I have a pretty strong aversion to the current aesthetic of what my graphic designer wife refers to as “That damn puffy button look!!!”

That said, I am now totally convinced about the way this works. I can live with the puffy buttons and cute icons (just), simply because the rest of it works so damn well. This looks like a very worthy replacement for our venerable newsgroup.
Good choice McNeelies!


(Brian Gillespie) #3

She must love Windows 8 - it is the minimalist graphic designer’s dream!


You haven’t seen what she considers minimalist :wink: but yes she likes windows 8.


Minimalistic if used to support efficiency is a powerful tool.
Here is a site that might be of interest


Pretty much 100% spot on. This is what I was referring to when I referred to coming here as a table full of comic books as opposed to the New York times. The interface is just way too “cartoony” for me, the type too big. I agree that it doesn’t look or feel “professional” and I hope that we can get a different “chrome” to tone it down, make it more compact and sober (at least as an option). I suppose I will try the restyling thing with Google Chrome at some point, but I find being required to do this annoying, as this is just more work for me, when it should be a part of the platform.


So do I. I’m really liking the hard-edged flat stuff for the desktop and the start screen. It’s clean and clear.


Holo, I feel the same!
Trying to like it but it’s like eating a dish of pasta without salt…
At the end, if this is McNeel’s choice… well, let’s play!
There are a lot of useful icons :beer: :dragon_face: :hamster: :cake: :cactus: :smile_cat:


Call me dumb but I didn’t figure out the icons yet…

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Type the colon character (:slight_smile: and you’ll get a bunch of options for pictures to insert.

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I think this may be the list


Yeah. I was wondering if there shouldn’t be a sticky post in Meta about formatting and a link to this page…


beers: Thanks!