I am researching the packaging method of CPython in Rhino 8

I am researching the packaging method for Rhino 8’s Python 3. x. Can anyone provide any related posts? I know that currently there may be relatively few people using Rhino 8, and the software is still in the development and testing stage, but I am very curious about how CPython works in Rhinos.

Can someone help me?

It is not. Rhino 8 has already been released, but you’re right Rhino is constantly developed and improved.

What do you mean by “packaging method”? Can you elaborate a little?

For example, in Rhino 7’s GhPython, I can use the clr library to package it into a. ghpy file. But can the CPython of Rhino 8 also achieve similar functions?

Check this out:

@Niko CPython (Current python 3 in Rhino) implementation is very different from IronPython and does not support compiling to a dotnet assembly.

as @diff-arch shared above, we have built a method in the Script Editor to be able to package the scripts and script components that you make as Rhino and Grasshopper plugins. This feature is out and I’m fixing a series of bugs related to it so its gonna get better and more stable.

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It looks great! I will continue to study how to make it work easier. Can you let me know if you have any new updates?

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