Human plugin error for Rhino 5_Mac

I cannot load the Human Plugin into Grasshopper. There is a “Grasshopper breakpoint” error saying “The Human Componenet Library was build against a different major version of the Grasshopper SDK”

How to solve this issue?

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I am only developing Human for Mac for the Rhino 6 WIP.

You might find that the windows version works better on mac rhino 5

Human.gha (414 KB)

Thank you!

I have downloaded the plugin but now I am facing another issue. I have numeric text values in rhino. The text in Dynamic Geometry Pipeline is not gathering “text” from rhino to grasshopper. The collected geometry is empty. Is this a mac related issue with the plugin?

the dynamic pipeline never worked great in mac rhino 5 unfortunately… the way mac rhino handles multiple documents plays funny with GH. I think you’ll have the most success if you launch rhino by opening a file such that it’s the only open file, and then launching Grasshopper after that. Can’t guarantee that will solve your issue though.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it didn’t solve my issue.

yeah i looked again - this is a mac rhino 5 bug. even the native geometry pipeline doesnt work in this version.

Thats unfortunate. Thanks again for your help!

I recommend getting the Rhino 6 WIP for mac if you can - it’s quite stable these days and grasshopper works way better :slight_smile:

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Your plugin is useful to me, thank you very much.

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The only combination that works for me: the “Human for Mac” works with Rhino 5, the “Human for Rhino 6” works with the Rhino 6 WIP, I’ve seen people posting the same errors I’ve got - maybe this is helpful for someone. 2015 15" MBP with macOS 10.14.4, if that is a factor…