How would y'all feel about a RhinoCommon Developer course on Udemy?

I’m sure it would be wildly popular amongst Rhino developers, hobbyists, and computational designers alike.

The purpose of the course would be to provide a comprehensive overview of RhinoCommon development using its C# SDK in Visual Studio, starting at such a pace to include those new to coding, but by mid-course accelerate to more advanced plugin projects (as to not bore the intermediate/expert students) without losing sight of the beginners.

If anyone is interested in taking the CS initiative on such a course, I’d be more than happy to provide whatever graphical, video, and content assistance as well – I guess that means I’m volunteering as a co-instructor, which I’m totally excited to do. I’m not a developer, nor a CS person, but I am C# literate and am interested in learning more about RhinoCommon; I am fluent in Rhino however. If you can handle the code teaching, I can do all the other work required to get this course up and running.

If anyone is interested in taking this on with me, let me know and we can start to get the ball rolling by outlining a syllabus. Presumably like you all, I have a busy work schedule, but I’m sure we could make good headway by putting it together on the weekends here and there.

I think there’s a dearth of RhinoCommon resources and with so many people getting into Unity’s C# API, the time is ripe to get people onboard with using C# to build cool custom tools and processes in Rhino.

Who among you CS coders specifically are interested in doing this with me?

  • Jason