How would I connect these complex surfaces smoothly

I’d like these two separate complex surfaces to merge into each other smoothly and eventually turn them into one surface.
I hope there’s a way…

What is you design intent? Do you want the surfaces to blend smoothly at the almost coincident edges? What parts of the geometry are fixed and what can move?

How did you build the surfaces? Why do you want to turn them into a single surface? What do you plan to do with that single surface?

Thanks for the reply.
The design is supposed to be an abstract room. And for this I’d like to use organic shaped surfaces. Therefore it’s important that the entire design looks smooth and connects well at any point. Like you say; connecting smooth at the almost coincident edges
Overall, these surfaces are fixed, but the connection here is obviously poor and as you can see on the first picture the surface on the left is somewhat bent, like to work that away as well. The edge is not straight like it is with the surface on the left. I’ve tried to fix it by dragging control points, but that’s way too much work and absolutely not easy. So I was wondering if there’s a way to fix this automatically, so to speak, with a certain command or quick technique.

The surfaces are build from one planar surface and then I split them to make the bending easier (used bend command). It doesn’t necessarily have to be one surface, but they have to at least look like one piece, because of the “smooth” style I’m trying to achieve.

This picture is where I’m going to for the entire room

You could probably trim the surfaces back a distance and then create a blend surface between them:

uhm… yeah that would work indeed