How to visualise a road network with colour-gradient legend

Hey all, I know this might be a super simple question if using Arc-GIS, but just do not know how I could achieve it in grasshopper.

I have two inputs, the road network (a set of curves) and the POIs (a set of points colinear with the curves). I wish to visualise every single road (curve) with a legend of the colour gradient, graded by the total number of the POIs that fall on every single road. Please notice that the POIs input includes 12 branches on behalf of 12 hours.

I have tried the Point in Curves component for getting the coincident relationships, however, it does not accept the road network with unclosed curves as the inputs.

How to visualise a network of curves with gradient colours graded by the total number of points on each single (49.2 KB)


This will probably work for you (56.5 KB)

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Thanks, Rowen! The answer is the Curve Closest Point component! :slight_smile: