How to use _RotateCamera per keyboard like possible per mouse?


if I use _RotateCamera than I can rotate the camera target per LMB. That’s fine. But if I move the camera view up/down per keyboard than the camera source is moved and not the target anymore. Is there a trick to move the camera target per keyboard?


does walkabout mode do what you want? enable it and you can use the arrow keys to move the camera around like a video game first person pov.

I checked it and it looks like it’s also not possible.

I have seen now that we have _RotateCamera and _RotateView but both allow to turn around the target per keyboard only. Looks like rotating around the camera was overseen and forget during coding.

So you want the camera to stay stationary and the scene to rotate around it, am I understanding that correctly?

How are you using this?

Right, I expect that the camera stay at the place and only the view direction is changing. Sounds for me like a basic functionality. I rendered a panorama and now I need to render parts of the 360° Panorama as video. Later I combine panorama and video, so that I have moving objects in the panorama. But both, panorama and video must be shot from the same source point.

I think there is a logical error in the programming of _RotateCamera. If the user can change the target point with the mouse, then it should also be possible with the keyboard. If I want to move the target point, then I can use _RotateView.