How to use Pick n Choose to create a pattern with image

Hello guys,

I was looking at a tutorial from generative landscape forum, as I understand it the script has three parts. The first, is a “cull” to create an irregular gird, then there is a “image sampler” to generate the information for the tile pattern and finally they use “pick and choose” to distribute 5 different tiles.

I’m trying to recreate the script but it seems some commands may have changed since they made the tutorial and I can’t make it work. Perhaps someone has a script that does this already that I can modify?

Also, don’t know if there is a way to set up a grid with rhombuses where the horizontal is longer than the vertical?

Where is yours?

Sure, several ways.

I didn’t see your reference tutorial, but here’s a simple demo for you on image sampling and distributing pre-defined unit geometries… (468.9 KB)

Thanks for the script! I’ll try to adapt it to use Pick n Choose because I wanted to replace the circles with costume made tiles, let’s see what I come up with

Thanks! so simple, can’t believe I couldn’t figure that one out

Even simpler:

Simple is good!