How to use GH for parametric carton box?

Does anyone know of a video tutorial for GH (mac if possbile) demonstrating how to create a parametric retail packaging carton? I’m hoping to find something that helps me to model a simple carton with flaps, and easily adjust all dimensions of all parts.

Bear in mind I have rather limited knowledge of GH, having only modeled constraint-based geometry in SW and a few other solid modelers.

Maybe this would be considered too advanced for a newbie?

Thanks in advance!

Something like this?
Parametric Paper Packaging with Rhino and Grasshopper
I realize this is not a tutorial, but trying to figure out what you want to achieve.

thanks @Fabio_M! this is very similar to what i was looking for, but seeking a deeper understanding of how to go about setting it up in GH. maybe what i need is a beginners course in GH. do you have any idea where to start?

I found this component that you could try to recreate on your own:

Ready-made components are very good, but then you don’t learn much by using them. So I would suggest to not even download it, just try to figure it out for yourself. And as to how to do that, here is a tutorial I found covering the very basics of where you could start:
How to deconstruct Brep in #Grasshopper3d?

From there you could look into curve offsets, extending curves, intersecting curves, splitting them, joining them, and baking into Rhino.

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Thanks @Fabio_M !! this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I agree with you however that i won’t learn much by simply using it without deeper self-study. Thanks for the tutorial as well – it gets right to the point!