Help with origami package folding

I am trying to create a 3d shape of a package. I tried to use Kangaroo for it, but I am missing out on something here…
Any advice on how to fix it?
Thanks in advance for the help… (:slight_smile:
packaging fold origami kangoroo (34.7 KB)

You have two accounts / names on this forum - related thread:

Hi, Thanks for your reply, Joseph.
Yes, I just logged in from my mobile and Mac, confusing my login email…
Maybe I can explain it better: I actually need only to have the volume inside the folded box, so the glue leaves are not so Important. I made a complex code that does the magic to a trapezoid shape, but with the chamfered edges I have too many dimensions/variables missing… In the Trapesoid version, I could use Pythagoras to find the highest of the box, but in this case, I can’t figure out how to do it…
That is the final object I want to build. That is for the rectangular one.

So I am testing other approaches, like origami folds.