How to use Fillet Edge component and specify the list of edges as integer

Hello Hoppers,

this is a absolut beginner question I fear.

I’m currently trying to fillet specific edges and the fillet component needs me to adress the branch {0;0}
However, if I try to set the integer in its box, there’s a small tooltip saying, that I should use columns for this, meaning I need to write :{0;0} and then enter. This should work, but sadly doesnt. So what I now tried, was to write a panel, that can do this, but I seem to not be able to edit this. The branch will be shown as just another entry under the list item 0.

I’ve added a screenshot to show what I need to change.
McNeel Frage

I hope not to have overlooked an entry in this forum regarding this, but I somehow feel, that I’m missing something very obvious and that nobody ever had to ask this.


You could use the Flatten component and specify the Path input. Or use Replace Paths.
Though I must be missing something as this is absolutely not required for the component to work.
Can you post the definition with your shape internalized and the Fillet Edge component you are trying to use ?

Hi teddy,

thanks for the quick reply.
I’ll try to internalise and post it without the whole damn code, otherwise noone would know where to find the explicit problem. But to clarify, the fillet inherits the data tree as this from a solid union component. Unfortunatley, the flatten on the results of the union component, does not flatten the edges branch. And if I flatten after for example a brep edges component, the list will not be flattened in the fillet, since the shape for the fillet will come from the solid union still.
Hope its clearer with this:

The Edges input is only asking for integers. You don’t need to provide it the {0;0} item. 0 and 1 are enough, as a list, if these are the edges you want to fillet.
Be careful that the order of edges is the one you get using Deconstruct Brep, not Brep Edges.

Thank you, Teddy!
Also: Is it always like this when GH asks for integers? Is the “class” predefined, like in this case “edges”? I really struggle to understand the integer thing.
So is it possible to delete the thread somehow, or should others be able to learn from this? I’d much prefer the former. (:

The data type that an input waits can be seen by hovering the mouse over it. It’s the first thing you should be looking at when using a component for the first time, this helps a lot to troubleshoot errors.
The data structure (as list / as tree) is also specified when the component takes more that one item at a time. So here it’s clear that the component is waiting for a list of integers and will associate it with one Brep.

It’s better to keep the thread, I’ll rename it so it doesn’t lead to a confusing discussion that has nothing to do with Panels.


Thank you very much! I had this in several sections of my code. My usual work around was to bake, fillet and reference. That really wasnt a good workflow and didnt work in this specific case. Now I gotta fix some of that. Thanks again!