How to use Elk to extract building heights


I am trying to find the center point of the top of every building through ELK and an osm file. I did the same thing with meerkats and it worked super well. But with ELK I don’t know what to plug the unit Z vector into to find the height of the buildings.

this is what happens when i plug the Z vector into W from the OSM plug-in.

You should post your gh file if you want anyone to try to help you.


There is another output underneath ‘W’ which is called ‘bldg’. It has all the buildings osm git 3d data on as 3d brep. You could go:
‘Bldg’ -> ‘deconstruct Brep’ -> ‘sort (for z)’ -> ‘area’ -> the centroid output af area is your solution.

Be warned though I found many osm data sets lacking in 3d data

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