How to upload a .3dm file

  1. Click the Image icon in the toolbar.
  2. When the upload window the “Drag files here” appears, drag your 3dm file onto the window.

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Sidenote: best pack the 3dm file to rar or zip before, it can save a lot of size and download time. :wink:

I added these instructions to the welcome topic so it is clearer for all categories, and not just Rhino for Windows. I also unpinned this topic, since it doesn’t seem necessary to have both.

@zogstrip I think automatic zipping of files could be beneficial for all sorts of files.
The upload functionality Discourse is implementing could maybe have this build in for files with size larger than X and compression rate higher than Y. Probably customizable by admins. For Rhino par example compressing .3DM files can reduce the size considerably however compressing a .zip file would make not much sense.

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Perhaps, but that sounds like something that may be pretty hard to do. Not only does the content need tone zipped (on the server, saving nothing at upload time for the poster) but also any posts need to be changed to link to the zip file. This sounds complex and error prone. One option is to disallow posting 3dm files, and require them to be in zip archive to be accepted for upload.

Personally I would not like that. There are some forums that I visit that require everything to be zipped, but it’s a PITA to have to always zip the file before posting and unzip the file later. I would rather rely on people’s good sense. I don’t know if there’s a way to see how big a linked file is before someone clicks on it to download (for those who have low bandwidth)…


That IMO would not be a good idea; a 50Kb example curve is in no need of zipping.
A complex file with display issues would be good to zip. Maybe the zipping could be an optional checkbox? Can’t the files be ziped on the client side already (inside the browser) before uploading? This is 2013 after all.
I agree with Mitch that unzipping files (when they are small) are more trouble that advantageous. And like he points out, most people will have a good sense what to zip and what not. Offering optional zipping/unzipping inside the browser would however be great functionality.

Not that I now of. I agree requiring zip files would be obnoxious.

Doesn’t everybody have huge fast Internet connections now? It is 2013 after all :smile:



Not necessarily on mobile devices… :iphone: :pager: and in faraway places… :mount_fuji: