I need some help. Can you give me a hand?

Hello, I am a Trial user of Rhino, and a student.

I was making a model for project, but there is a problem.

Can anyone solve the problem?

I want to do boolean difference a layer from the big part, and error occurs… I uploaded Screenshot and 3dm file… thx


Where ???


I think I cannot upload to this page by some error, Can I send you the file via E mail?

What issue you’re facing while uploading here. And what is the size of your model. If you upload here it will be beneficial to you because if i couldn’t solve it someone else will help you better. So try to upload here.

IDK what is the problem, the size is 45 MB. I keep trying to upload, but when the percentage goes up by 30%, the uploading bar disappears

here’s the google drive file.

I guess size is the issue. Compress it with RAR, 7zip and try to upload.

Edit 1: Untitled(1).rar (9.8 MB)


Still Cannot upload. I linked the file via Google Drive.

Thx for uploading. I am waiting for someone to solve HaHa… :frowning:

Closing this thread.
Duplicate thread is here: