How to tween between 2 tweened surfaces? (9.2 KB)
tween_queryRH.3dm (33.7 KB)

Hi there,
1.I am trying to tween between the 2 tweened surfaces. I see it is the way I want before assign the factor. But after I assign it changes to Z. How do I fix this ?

  1. How to I assign distance between curves in grasshopper and control it using slider ? I see the distance between points option but not for other curves.

Can anyone please help ?


Like this?

Yep !
Thank you so much.Can you or anyone please answer the 2nd question mentioned above ?

Curves from A to B can be created with TweenCurve.
OffsetCurve is used to create a curve by specifying a distance.

Sorry if I made a mistake. (9.3 KB)