How to turn divided surface panels into individual surfaces?

Right now I have a divided surface which I want to make each strip into individual panels which will rotate. The script for the rotation is written and below the divide script. I just am unsure how to make the divisions into 4 point surfaces where they are side by side. I think it would be something to do with shift list but I have tried some options that don’t work how I want them to. Any help is appreciated! I have attached the file, and the surface is a unusual multi-point surface - not a wavy one, which is why I divided it and projected the move. Here is a picture of the type of surface being divided. (33.0 KB)

Please internalize your data. (37.9 KB)

Internalized, sorry about that.

I internalized it and reposted it below. Sorry!

NewScript (1) (9.8 KB)

I already have the script for how I wish to rotate the surfaces, just not attached to the script I have written for the divides. I was attempting to divide the surface and then use those divides to make the panels which then would rotate with the rest of my script.

Do you know if it would be something with a shift list and list item? Where the first four points are made into surface 1 and the surface 2 steals the second vertical list of points to use for the first set of points for the surface 2.

If your goal is to twist the vertical louvers that makes up your facade, why not just use Twist instead? (13.9 KB)

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The way I have it set up right now is so that it is a series of reactions where the top and bottom of the panels rotate independently. I constructed a domain, so that the start and end of the rotations (from left to right or right to left) happen in a sequence, and do not rotate all at the same time. I do not need a script for the rotations as it is already in the script I attached, I am looking to try and turn the divisions into panels so that I can apply the rest of my script to it.

That is also possible…

What is that last battery? My grasshopper doesn’t seem to have that when I open up the file and I don’t know what symbol that is.

It’s Twist. What version of Grasshopper are you running?

Mine is Rhino6 GH1.0. If you are running R5, Use Jackalope plugin. That would also work. (18.0 KB)


I really appreciate your efforts but it is still not what I am looking for. The twist Jackalope preforms does not create a panel that twists like it would in real life. The panels I have created on my previous script twist in the middle (as the top of the line and the bottom of the line twist in different directions). I already have that script written how it would work best for the direction I am heading with this facade. I am stuck on turning the weird surface into individual panels and then linking that part to my existing script. Again, I appreciate your attempts but you are going in a direction which is not what I am aiming to achieve. In other words, I wish to find a way to connect the beginning part of my script to the end, and find the path through the middle. The current script looks like the image below and I need to get the panels to become part of the surface instead of the static height they currently are at.

I am going to keep trying to figure out how to make the list of the points to divide it into separate surfaces but in the meantime if anyone has any further knowledge, your help is always appreciated.

ConnectTwoScripts(Panels).gh (17.2 KB)