How to sub-divide a srf/brep around a filleted corner?

Hi all,

I’m trying to sub-divide this surface evenly, but I’m struggling to figure out how to localise the direction.

I’m also trying to maintain the middle of the surface as the center point too which is why I’m using the contour component.

The result I’m looking for:

GH Script: (47.7 KB)

I’m not using any of the additional plugins in your file. If you had tagged the use of the plugins I would not have downloaded the file at all.

However, here we are. Instead of using contours, you could divide the handrail shape with perpendicular planes… (64.9 KB)

Hi Martin,

Apologies, I thought I wasn’t using any plugins for the script.

The issue with using perpendicular planes is that the distance between them is a random dimension depending on how many times you divide the curve. I’m trying to maintain a distance between each sub-division of 2m too.

This is the reason for me using the contour component so I can maintain the middle point of the surface and divide a specific distance.

Here is the script which shouldn’t give you any issues with asking for plugins: (47.7 KB)

You could use the divide length component.

PS: your definition is still using a Pufferfish offset component.

Script_Handrail_Test (1).gh (57.4 KB)

The problem still remains were the prep frame analysis from the start point of the curve and you can see it’s asymmetrical which is what I’m trying to avoid.

What is your desired segment length?

And then you want both end pieces the same length, correct?

This can be done by adding half of the last segment length to ‘t’.

Script_Handrail_Test (1).gh (61.4 KB)


Yes that’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for your help!

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