Divide trimmed surface


I would like to create subdivisions for this surface in the U and V Direction. The problem is that this surface is an offset surface which has been extended at the top and trimmed at the top and bottom. When I try to subdivide this surface, it is untrimmed (the same occurred when I tried Pufferfish and Peacock’s subdivision components).

Subdivide surface.gh (630.1 KB)

Try shrink trimmed surface component from pufferfish before subdivide

I hadn’t tried it that way before, it sort of works:

It does divide the surface unevenly, as it seems (1700mm vs ~2150 mm edge length).

Pufferfish_Shrunken-SubD.gh (627.4 KB)

I guess this is because the surface has different curvature on each part, what I suggest is to set the u value to 1 and draw just vertical curves then if you want one division get the mid point of each curve by point on curve and draw polylines between these points , or if u aim many division , then divide these vertical curves be divide length component and set the length input to the result of division of each vertical curve length by number of target segments .Pufferfish_Shrunken-SubD1.gh (632.6 KB)

I found another, albeit slightly different solution. The key was using trimmed construction curves instead of trimming the surface. The surface is now untrimmed and divides properly.

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