How to separate Trimmed and untrimmed surfaces on a list

Main problem: I need to remove the top and bottom surfaces and keep the faces on the side, so anything on the xy plane.

I tried 3 different ways of culling the faces

1st - The top and bottom surfaces are both on the xy plane so I donno, i though plugging the xy plane component into cull index would do something but it just gets rid of the bottom sides-?

2nd - I looked into the list and it was grouped, so 0 would always be the bottom floor and whatever the biggest number in that group would be the top, so I tried using bounds to cull index instead

3rd - I noticed the it was the trimmed surfaces that I wanted to take from the list, so I tried using the evaluate function to split the list. But I’ve never used this component on my own and I’m very confused. This was what I was looking after but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong

ignore everything else but the green in it

Thank you any help would be greatly apprciated

this isn’t mines, but I used it for reference (30.6 KB)

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Here’s anther way to separate top/bottom faces from sides. (41.9 KB)


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Thank you this was very helpful