How to split a curve by a point?

And how in GH to cut a certain curve with a selected point?

Get the t parameter of the curve for example with the curve closest point than feed it into the shatter component. After that use the list item to stay with the part of the curve you need.


Well, but a special tool would not hurt.


If you want a shorter way, Pufferfish has a Trim Curve with Points component.


is there any way to split a curve with 2 points or more on it with this method?
I have a circle and it does 2 intersection points with 2 different surfaces, and I want to split the circle curve with these points, but when I want to extract the T parameter from “surface | Curve split component”, it doesn’t work properly on the shatter component. I attached my file below and I would be very grateful if Somebody can solve this issue, thanks.Normal (16.4 KB)

Sure, if you reparametrize in the intersection component do it for shatter too.


I will awaken this dragon after it’s 2 year slumber. I want to split multiple curves (30) by multiple points (~300) on said curves. I determined these points using the intersection between the 30 curves and 2 spiral curves that pass through them. Basically, the segments of the 30 curves that are between the 2 spirals (the short ones) is what I want to ignore, and use the longer segments that remain. I have tried many methods which are in the attached definition, but I still cannot get the result I would like. Can anyone please help?
Split Multiple Curves w Points on (60.5 KB)