How to solve the problem with the exoskeleton and curves


I’m just learning a grasshopper and I need your help.

I would like to change an irregular shape into an exoskeleton.
I did it but I need to make changes. See the pictures below, curves marked in green was baked.

I need to add some curves and delete some curves, curves like in pictures below.

But when, I set baked multicurves after these changes, I have error on Exo plug.

the difference is the type of line so I think

Do you have any idea how to deal with this problem?

Best Regards

Exoskeleton was a good solution, but you could replace it with Dendro which is more robust.


Thanks for Dendro, but I have the same problem like in Exosceleton.


Screen capture are good for greetings not for curing problems. BUT
Dendro doesn’t like null things, so use that to sort curves and null

And read this