Error using Exoskeleton

Hello everyone,

I am trying to thicken the lines of the shell generated using Kangaroo. I am using the plugin Exoskeleton. However, I am unable to use it because of some error that I cant understand how to get rid of. The error reads: “Solution exception: Object reference not set to an intsance of an object.” It occurs when I use the Division slider. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help. Thank you. (12.7 KB)

Any help please?

Hi @kazim2,

Exoskeleton is designed to work with arbitrary topologies of lines, but when the lines have a mesh structure, as they do in your file, there are some simpler approaches.
Here’s one way using the skeleton fattener component from here. (14.4 KB)

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Cleaning tree, removing duplicate lines and reducing end radius below 0.8 give some results also…

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Hello Daniel,

Thank you so much for such a quick reply. This was exactly what I wanted.

I am sorry to ask extremely basic questions , but I am only a beginner in Grasshopper. Could you please just take a minute to clarify something, regarding the script above, in which you added a few components in order to use the Fatten component. Is this correct that the Kangaroo Solver gives the output as a group of lines and a mesh, so you used ‘‘Bang’’ to separate mesh from the group of lines, and then extracted the mesh edges to fatten them? You could have also used the lines output (0;1) from ‘‘Bang’’ and input into the Fatten component directly to achieve the same result, right?

Hello Daniel, is there a way to thicken the lines non-uniformly? I mean, the same line varying in thickness along its length.