How to sign Mac plugins?

I’m following this page for signing plugins on Windows

but signtool.exe is not available on OS X and signcode doesn’t take .pfx files. Can anyone tell me what tool to use and the correct command line?

In general, you should not have to sign Rhino for Mac plugins.

Is your plugin a Zoo plugin?

I believe you can use macOS’s built-in Keychain to create exported .p12 or .pfx files from certificates. These instructions look a bit dated, but I bet they still mostly work.

It is not a Zoo plugin. But I am looking at adding licensing, and my understanding is that at least on Windows, the plugin has to be signed for the license functions to work. Is this not the case on Mac?

Hi @Max_Eskin,

A .NET plug-in build on Windows will run on the Mac without rebuilding.

– Dale