Unable to get ZooPlugin to load in Zoo 7

I am trying to create a Zoo Plugin for Zoo 7 for use with one of my products. I am able to compile this sample with the ZooPlugin.dll that comes with (I recognize this Git sample indicates Zoo 6 but I cannot find a Zoo 7 version)

Furthermore, I followed these instructions here on how to compile and install a Zoo Plugin (which appear to be for Rhino 5)

In any event, when I open Zoo 7, the product is not available. I did come across some vague references in some wiki articles for signing the plugin. I am currently signing using my company certificate - do I need a separate certificate from McNeel to get it to work with the Zoo?


Hi @archinate1,

There is more up-to-date documentation on supporting the LAN Zoo here:


You can also find Zoo plug-in samples here:


And a Rhino plug-in sample that use the Zoo here:


Yes, you must digitally sign both your Zoo and Rhino plugins, that use the Zoo, using a certificate signed by McNeel .


Hope this helps.

– Dale

Thanks @dale - this is a useful collection of links!

In my searching for Zoo reference material, the Rhinocommon resources were not where I was being directed to. I’m glad I asked!