How to show m^2 in all rectangles

Hi all,

For a project I wrote a Python script in Grasshopper that adds rectangles. I made the area shows automatically in the Rhino view port.

The problem is that the (m^2) I added only shows in one rectangle and I want that it shows in every rectangle.
How can I fix that?


Kind regards,

Jan Sietse

Maybe you could use a Concatenate component to add m^2 at the end of each text.

It works! Thank you!

What component do I have to use to round off to two decimals?

You could use the expression component with something like this:

First one is a basic rounding function.
The second option allows you to put in a custom value list that would let your “round to nearest” increment you set in your values. I find the second one really handy and keep it as a user object.